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Price is unquestionably the most powerful growth driver. you absolutely must get this one right. We can help you if you book our consulting service. The wrong price is the single biggest reason why Northern Ireland businesses struggle or even fail. But when you get the price RIGHT, you will transform your business overnight. It's instantaneous. however you might be surprised at how and why this happens.

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How do you write a business plan without a crystal ball?

There are so many unknowns at the moment. Your business plan for this year is probably as much use as a chocolate teapot in guiding your business through this challenging time. But how are you going to navigate your way out of the Corona pit if you don’t have a route map?

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Going paperless

We're delighted to MTD (Making Tax Digital) prompted so many businesses to review their accounting procedures. For those of you who would still like a hand to do so or take it further then please do get in touch. But are there any other systems that can be moved away from paper?

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Taking stock in challenging times

So much is happening so quickly at the moment but, in reality, we just need to approach Corona Virus like any other business challenge.

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