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The Taxman Cometh

Every year HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) undertakes hundreds of investigations including criminal prosecutions for tax and VAT fraud, civil investigation of fraud, corporate tax investigations, income tax investigations, VAT investigations, investigations as a result of failure to register for tax, national insurance and VAT.

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Do you want to work for yourself?

There is encouragement from the government for people to become self-employed and at first it seems attractive, especially if you have recently become unemployed or redundant. Although one of the main attractions of becoming self-employed is no longer having to work for somebody else there are several disadvantages you should consider.

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Tax planning company year end

Every business wants to have a successful trading year. Yet, what can often be forgotten is the associated tax bill, which can lag for a number of months after the year end. While there are many steps businesses can take to reduce the tax bill, the most important step is to consider this BEFORE the company year-end.

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Tax deductible expenses | What can you claim?

Doing your accounts might not be the most exciting part of your business, but it can really pay to keep an eye on what you claim in tax deductible expenses, to make sure you only pay as much tax as you should and don’t miss out on any legitimate savings.

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what our clients say
Corrigan and Co. have helped me on employment issues and aided me to set up my network of estate agency outlets by securing finance and continues to ensure my organizational objectives are being met
Ivan Henry
Turning Point Property Sales Ltd Enniskillen
Corrigan and Co have provided me with profitability analysis, Investment decisions, costing and project control. They have contributed enormously to the success of my company by setting realistic targets and helping me with cost analysis and export my product to other countries
Shane McMahon
Dernawilt Joinery Limited Roslea
Corrigan and Co. have aided me in identifying profitable revenue streams and advised me on my joint venture with a French property company.
Stephen Wilson
Cable Investment Properties Limited
Corrigan and Co. have helped me in my decision making, ensuring I get the right Investment advice and take advantage of any tax breaks that are available.
Malachy McBrien
F5 Logistics Limited
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